Tuesday, December 29, 2015

3 Tips for Properly Packing Pipe Tobacco

Packing tobacco into your pipe can be tricky, especially for newcomers. It’s more than simply shoving tobacco into the bowl; there’s a science to properly doing so. It needs to have enough airflow to smoke smoothly, yet it needs to be packed tight enough to burn properly. It’s a fine line to walk, and it takes some practice to perfect the technique. Here are three tips on packing your pipe tobacco to ensure your next smoke is as great as possible.

1.     Make Sure Your Pipe Is Clean
As always, regular pipe maintenance is crucial to enjoying each and every smoking experience. An unclean pipe negatively affects flavors and aromas, but it also changes the quality of your smoking experience by making it difficult to properly pack your tobacco. Residue and leftover tobacco alters airflow and makes it difficult to get an even burn, and when packing your pipe, it creates uneven restrictions. As such, always keep your pipe clean. It’s a great practice that all smokers should make habitual, and it makes the entire process of packing pipe tobacco much smoother.

2.     Make Sure the Tobacco Is Ready
Another tip is to ensure that your tobacco is actually ready to be packed. When you decide to smoke, lay out the tobacco on a clean surface and make sure there are no issues with humidity, or that there is no unwanted residue hiding away. Not only does it ensure a better smoking experience, it means that your pipe will be packed with nothing but quality tobacco that’s ready to be enjoyed. Best of all, this process isn’t lengthy - you can leave it out for just a few minutes. Grab a drink or check your email; by the time you’re back, the tobacco will be ready to be packed.

3.     Strike the Balance Between Airflow and Tightness

Finally, the perfect pipe is packed by striking a nice balance between looseness near the bottom and snug tightness at the top. When packed like this, air will easily travel through the pipe, but the tobacco will be packed tight enough to ensure a slow, consistent burn. First, place some tobacco in the bowl, filling it just about halfway. Lightly press it down, but be careful not to use too much pressure - it’s supposed to be looser near the bottom. Fill the pipe with more tobacco and press it in with a bit more pressure. Again, don’t use too much pressure, but you can have a heavier hand at this point. Test it by inhaling air through the pipe before lighting it. If the tobacco is snug and you get a strong pull, you’re ready to smoke!

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