Wednesday, January 6, 2016

3 Premium Cigars All Cigar Enthusiasts Should Try

There are countless options out there for cigar enthusiasts. With the incredible range of cigars, there truly is something for everyone. However, some cigars demand more attention. The sheer quality of these cigars come from incredible attention to detail and only the finest tobacco. These cigars are of a special quality that places them on a higher level than many other cigars. They’re stellar examples of how truly outstanding a cigar can be, and they’re absolutely worth the attention of all cigar enthusiasts. Here are three cigars all cigar smokers should try.

1.     Te Amo Churchill
A robust and earthy cigar, the Te Amo Churchill comes from one of the world’s most well-known cigar manufacturers. It’s not the most accessible cigar out there, granted - it’s a heavy and tightly packed cigar that might turn away smokers who enjoy a lighter experience. With that said, it’s a perfect cigar for those who want something thicker and packs a powerful punch. Extremely rich and distinguished, the Te Amo Churchill is a cigar that deserves your attention. It may be too heavy for some, but for cigar fans who enjoy a meatier cigar, the Te Amo Churchill is simply unmatched.

2.     Ambrosia Nectar
The Ambrosia Nectar is a truly unique cigar. Hailing from Nicaragua, this one boasts paper that is soaked in wine and rum. The character on this cigar is outstanding, providing an smoking experience few cigars can match. Less robust than the Te Amo Churchill, the Ambrosia Nectar offers a full-bodied smoking experience that doesn’t verge on being too heavy. With an enjoyable sweetness from the wrapper and the earthiness of the tobacco, the aroma and flavor of this cigar are unique and absolutely fantastic. It’s hard to imagine any cigar enthusiast being disappointed by such a particularly interesting cigar.

Another medium-bodied cigar, the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos stands out as a thoroughly brilliant cigar that all cigar enthusiasts simply must try. This one comes from the Dominican Republic, and the profile on it is simply outstanding. It’s quite earthy, but a pleasant hint of sweetness balances the flavor. Even better, it’s one of the most consistent smoking experiences out there - it’s why people are drawn to this particular cigar. A box of these cigars is certainly a bit of an investment, but it’s one that pays off nicely and will make just about any cigar fan happy.

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