Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hand Rolled Vs Machine Made Cigars – What You Need To Know

Cigars are made in numerous different manners. Different tobaccos, papers, and techniques go into each and every cigar, making each smoking experience unique and interesting. They’re also rolled in one of two ways: by hand or by machine. Everyone has their own preferences, and the differences between the two are certainly noticeable. With that said, there’s always speculation and hesitation when choosing between the two, so here are a few differences worth noting before you decide to purchase your next cigar.

Flavor Profiles

When it comes to hand-rolled cigars, everything about the cigar is much more deliberate. Every single step is done by hand, which ensures a very specific flavor profile, amongst other factors. Hand-rolled cigars are typically of higher quality ingredients (though not exclusively so). Of course, this doesn’t mean that machine-made cigars aren’t brilliantly made products - they still require extensive effort and quality control. When it comes to nailing down specific taste profiles, hand-rolled cigars tend to take the edge, though machine-made cigars are nothing to scoff at - they provide a perfect sense of consistency and quality that attracts smokers with a vast array of preferences.

Handmade Doesn’t Mean Hand-rolled

A common misconception with cigars is that “handmade” equates to “hand-rolled.” This isn’t necessarily true; on the contrary, machine-made cigars can easily be referred to as handmade. It makes sense; even though they’re machine-made, quite a bit of effort still goes into making each cigar, so it’s not a false claim. However, the two phrases are not synonymous, so when shopping for your next cigar, bear in mind that a claim to be handmade doesn’t guarantee that it’s hand-rolled. The only way to guarantee that you’re smoking a hand-rolled cigar is that it specifically notes that it’s hand-rolled.

One Isn’t Inherently Better Than The Other

Finally, one thing to remember is that a hand-rolled cigar isn’t necessarily going to be better or worse than a machine-made cigar. Every cigar has its own unique profile, and no matter how it’s made, it will resonate with some cigar enthusiasts more than others. As always, finding a cigar you love is a process of exploration and learning. There are certainly premium cigars that have earned their reputation as truly phenomenal, and there are machine-made cigars that make some hand-rolled cigars look rather pedestrian. At the end of the day, it’s all about smoking the cigar you truly enjoy, and adopting the mindset that one is always better than the other is simply detrimental to any smoking experience.


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