Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Filtered cigars as inexpensive alternative to value pipe tobacco after expected tax increase

It's not a surprise for many that government is trying to put an end on value pipe tobacco. There's a bill for raising tax on pipe tobacco similar to what was done to RYO tobacco in the past

Tax increase for RYO has practically killed this type of tobacco and shifted the industry towards less rigorously taxed alternative labeled as pipe tobacco.

The bill means that value pipe tobacco era may be coming to an end within a year or maybe even sooner.

What should people do after this happens?

Filtered cigars are a another category of products remains relatively inexpensive... for now. Our rough estimates show that with current pipe tobacco prices the cost of supplies needed to roll your own carton (200 cigarettes) is just $2-$3 lower than an inexpensive carton of filtered cigars:


Once pipe tobacco tax increases, filtered cigars will become the cheapest option of all.

Luckily, most of pipe tobacco manufacturers offer similarly branded filtered cigars. To be honest with you, I don't know if smoking experience remains the same, but it's worth trying a filtered cigar considering that a carton of cigarettes is 5 times more expensive.

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