Thursday, December 10, 2015

Common Cigar Mistakes That Are Easily Fixed

As with any hobby, smoking cigars takes practice. There are countless factors that play into your overall enjoyment, and learning the ins and outs is half the fun of smoking. With that said, there are some common mistakes that a fair amount of smokers make, and not just novice ones. Thankfully, many of these mistakes are easily fixed, and doing so takes your enjoyment of a cigar to a new level. Here are a few that are worth noting the next time you enjoy a cigar.

Smoking Too Fast 

Whether you get your hands on a new cigar or an old favorite, smoking it is exciting. It’s easy to smoke it fairly quickly, but this can negatively impact the overall quality of the cigar itself. As you smoke, heat is being pulled through the cigar. When too much heat is pulled through, it begins to alter the flavor profile of the unlit tobacco, which can bring forth unwanted tastes. Instead, be patient and take your time - cigars are meant to be enjoyed, after all. Enjoy a puff every 45 seconds to a minute. It’s a perfect medium - the unlit tobacco stays healthy and it’s still frequent enough to consistently enjoy.

Removing the Band Too Early 

There are taking off the band when smoking a cigar seems perfectly natural. It’s a simple thing that seems to have no consequences, but it can gradually impact the quality of your cigar as you continue to smoke it. It’s held on by a bit of glue, and when that glue is removed, it creates tiny tears in the cigar, which get bigger as you smoke. Instead of taking it off early on, instead wait until you’ve smoked enough for the ignited tobacco to lightly heat the glue. It’ll naturally detach itself from the cigar, and removing it is completely harmless at this point, creating a better overall smoking experience.

Moisten Before Cutting

One last mistake a lot of cigar smokers make is not moistening the end of the cigar before cutting the tip. This can have a huge impact on the integrity of the cigar itself, making it easy for it to crack and unravel after cutting. Avoiding it is exceptionally simple, though. Simply hold it in your mouth for a few moments so it’s not quite too dry. Don’t go overboard; it shouldn’t appear as if it has been sitting in water for a while, but hold it just enough to moisten the wrapper and the tobacco within. Cutting it become much smoother and easier and the risk of damaging the cigar will substantially drop.

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