Tuesday, January 19, 2016

3 Pipe Accessories Every Smoker Should Have

Smoking a pipe is an enriching experience for countless people. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a pipe - it’s a great social activity that’s easy to become passionate about. However, many smokers unintentionally limit their smoking experiences by utilizing two things, the pipe and the tobacco. While those are the two necessary components, there is an array of supplemental accessories that turn every smoking experience into something greater. They foster a better smoking environment and elevate the process quite a bit. Here are a few accessories that every smoker should have.

1. A Proper Ashtray

People don’t tend to think of an ashtray as anything more than a formality, but investing in a proper, quality ashtray has some benefits many might not have considered. The primary benefit lies in presentation. A simple ashtray will hold ash, but isn’t aesthetically pleasing, and considering how smoking a pipe can easily be a social situation, presentation is important. In terms of functionality, standard ashtrays aren’t specifically designed for pipes. Pipe ashtrays are designed to hold pipes, making them much easier to use. They make the smoking experience much more seamless, and they’re well worth the cost.

2. A Pipe Stand

Pipe stands are useful accessories that surprisingly few people purchase, but all smokers should certainly have. From a presentation standpoint, they look fantastic. They create a sophisticated and classic look that many smokers appreciate, but their benefits don’t lie purely with their aesthetics. They make storage much simpler, and proper pipe storage can work wonders for the life of your pipes. Improper storage can greatly reduce the quality and lifespan of your pipe, making a proper stand a wise investment over the long term. As an added bonus, they make outstanding talking pieces amongst company when enjoying a pipe with other smokers.

3. Airway Cleaner

Finally, all smokers absolutely need an airway cleaner. A liquid that's used with a pipe brush, airway cleaners remove extra residue and eliminate stale and stagnant orders within the pipe. With long term use, tobacco buildup can negatively impact the quality of your smoke, leading to off-flavors and poor overall experiences. Best of all, airway cleaner typically is quite friendly to your wallet - it rarely runs more than a few dollars per bottles. With proper usage and regular pipe maintenance, airway cleaner is an accessory that will both extend the life of your pipe and also improve each smoking experience. After using it, simply let your pipe air dry and look forward to a great smoke soon! 

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