Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How The Size of a Cigar Determines it's Profile

Cigars come in all different sizes. From Coronas to Churchills and Robustos to Diademas, cigars are available in a number of sizes, and each is unique. They offer different smoking experiences, enhancing certain parts of the process more than others. However, the questions stands - how much does the size of a cigar affect the overall experience? It obviously makes a difference; that’s why producers make cigars of all different sizes. Those differences, though, can make all the difference. Here are a few ways the size of a cigar can affect your smoking experience.

The Speed At Which It Smokes

To start with, the size of your cigar affects the speed at which it smokes. It’s simple logic - a smaller cigar will burn faster, and a larger one will burn slower. Regardless of the size of cigar you choose, your smoking technique will determine how enjoyable your experience will be. A smaller ring cigar burns hotter and more quickly, thus requiring a slower technique otherwise you’re likely to experience sour smoke and a bad burn. On the other hand, a larger ring cigar has more surface area, allowing smoke to cool and create an experience that lasts longer. It’s why many long cigars smoker for quite a bit longer. It’s not just because they’re long; it’s because of the temperature differences. For example, a Presidente which is about 8”-10” will smoke for roughly an hour to one and a half hours. A Corona Grandes or Robusto, which are roughly 5”-7”, will smoke for 30-45 minutes. In general, the bigger your cigar is the longer they are going to take to smoke.

Different Wrapper Sizes Make A Difference

Because the size of a cigar has a direct impact on the amount of space taken up by the wrapper, the flavor composition of the wrapper itself will affect the overall experience. As such, cigars of different sizes will be impacted by the wrapper in different ways. Thinner gauge rings will have a much higher flavor concentration and complexity than a larger ring cigar, but that’s not to suggest large cigars lack flavor. A wrapper is typically the most flavorful leaf in the blend and an increase in flavor is largely due to the ratio of the wrapper to the rest of the tobacco. Of course, the tobacco used for the wrapper is the ultimate measure of flavor, but various sizes will most definitely impact the overall profile.

How You Personally Smoke Them Matters

Finally, your personal smoking habits will affect the way you smoke cigars of different sizes. For example, if you tend to smoke Double Coronas, chance are you’ll get through a Panatela quickly. Taking bigger pulls from smaller cigars can cause them to overheat, which negatively impacts their flavor profile. Great tasting cigars, regardless of size, can taste bitter and smell unpleasant if you are power-puffing too quickly. As such, take note of your own smoking habits when trying a new size. A great cigar can quickly be marred by overheated tobacco, so pay attention and figure out what works well for you.

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