Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How Pipe Tobacco Differs from Cigarette Tobacco

A common question amongst some smokers lies in the differences between pipe tobacco and cigarette tobacco. All tobacco is obviously a plant grown around the world, but the differences between the two are a bit more complicated than one might think. Between types of tobacco used, where the tobacco comes from, and how the tobacco is treated throughout the process, there are some notable and aspects to cigarette and pipe tobacco. If you’re not entirely familiar with the difference between pipe and cigarette tobacco, try asking your local shopkeeper which method they prefer. For those seeking an introduction to pipe and cigarette tobacco, here are a few key traits to note.

1.     No Chemical Additives

When cigarettes are produced, there is a process that involves the addition of various chemicals into the tobacco to treat it properly. Depending on the brand of cigarette, up to a few hundred chemicals can be used to treat the tobacco. With pipe tobacco, though, you’re typically looking at a pure piece of tobacco. There are no chemical additives; it is only dried and thus prepared for aging. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual smoker to decide whether they are okay with the addition of chemicals. The two are different enough to provide variety and options, thankfully, so it’s certainly not a problem to have preferences.

2.     Where It’s Cultivated

Another thing to note between the two is where the tobacco is cultivated. When it comes to cigarettes, the vast majority of tobacco is grown in Virginia. Just about every major brand sources their tobacco from here. On the other hand, pipe tobacco is sourced from all around the world. Sure, Virginia is on that list too, but it’s not exclusively grown there. Because it’s grown all over the world, different regions impart different aromas and flavors naturally, instead of with the assistance of chemical additives. The sheer variety of pipe tobacco is its most unique quality - there are too many options to call it a bland hobby.

3.     Single Source vs. Blended

When it comes to cigarette tobacco, one type of tobacco is typically used for any given brand. While there is variation amongst different brands, they all tend to use one specific type of tobacco in their cigarettes, and its called Burley tobacco. Conversely, pipe tobacco is generally the product of multiple different tobaccos, making it a blend of various options. Different tobaccos like Latakia, Virginias, and more are used to create a great tobacco blend, which has a great effect. It means that no two pipe tobacco blends are quite the same, which means you get to enjoy a varied smoking experience.


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