Thursday, July 28, 2011

Overview of premium cigar tobacco regions

One of the most important factors that contribute to a premium cigar quality is the region where cigar tobacco is grown. Growers of the exclusive premium cigar tobaccos have selected countries such as the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Cuba and Nicaragua for their passions in quality growing. One may ask, what makes each of these countries so profoundly special at premium cigar tobacco growing?


Cuba is undoubtedly the most famous region when it comes cigar production and cigar tobacco quality. Cuba has always been known to have grown some among the finest and most elite tobacco for premium cigars in the entire world. Cuban grown tobacco has allowed all premium cigars a better known title of "Cuban Cigars" due to their illustrious quality that in the end renders a great tasting, flavorful cigar. Cuban tobacco always proffers a full bodied smoke that gives way to a spicy undertone in the taste in many of the premium cigar products. Besides the top notch tobacco quality, Cuba also produces shade grown wrappers and fillers to add to the natural quality that is already offered by the tobacco, and produce an all natural smoke.

Since the embargo on Cuban products, other southern countries have become known for their authentic cigar tobacco as well as for having grown so called cuban seed tobacco on their soil. Thanks to these countries, the tradition of premium cigars has never died down and is destined to prosper further.

Dominican Republic

Allow us to first elucidate for the grandeur universe of tobacco growing- the legendary Dominican Republic. The one country where a reputation for a substantial tobacco growth has augmented in the past few decades, Dominican Republic has allowed the taste emanating from a growth of the Cuban seed tobacco to proliferate. The quality of the tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic comes close to that of utmost reputable Cuban tobacco due to the similarities in climate. The quality is so similar, a smoker indulging in a premium cigar whose tobacco was grown in the Dominican Republic will allow for an everlasting premium cigar tradition that was once enjoyed in the Americas before the embargo on Cuban merchandise. To add, thanks to the impressive long-leaf fillers, the efforts put in by the Dominican Republic to uphold the premium cigar industry will always be respected and cherished by the utmost important parties within the premium tobacco smoking industry.


Following the Dominican Republic is Ecuador, a country blessed especially with the most righteous conditions for tobacco growing. With weather conditions that permit clouds to envelop the lands of Ecuador, this country allows impeccable conditions for the growth of the shade-grown and sun-grown wrappers. These wrappers are especially popular among those that value natural ingredients in their cigars, preferring the natural wrapper over the artificial one.


As for those consumers that wish to indulge in experiencing a taste that is rather spicier and richer by characteristics, Honduran grown premium tobacco is the way to go. Honduras is indeed the biggest production country responsible for creating the non-Havana premium cigars. Sometimes, elite smokers tend to compare their tobacco to that grown in other countries than theirs. When comparing the premium cigars that were once supplied to the United States by Cuba, one should consider the utmost liked country of Nicaragua. Considered to be the closest rival of Cuban premium cigars due to the climatic conditions, Nicaragua proffers the tobacco market with full bodied, somewhat spicy and sweet tobaccos that cease to disappoint. Nicaragua is said to provide the consumer with a smoke just as pure as what Cuba has done for decades prior to the embargo, and has satisfied the taste buds of many smokers for years on end.

United States

Premium cigar tobacco has captured the interest of many growers and smokers within the collective economy of this country. Many have fallen victim to the conspiracy that has stated that tobacco is, by majority, grown in the southern states. Although certain aspects of this claim can be held liable for dis-informing consumers, it cannot be collectively considered as a fabricated claim. That is, even though tobacco is a versatile plant and can adapt to different climatic circumstances, growers prefer to harvest tobacco in areas that are rich in soil and that are exclusively blessed by a mild and moist environment.

Records have stated that tobacco has been grown in the utmost northern states such as Ohio in the past- Ohio used to be the host of the most important premium cigar tobacco growing plantations in the Midwest.

Thanks to these countries, the tradition of premium cigars has never died down and is destined to prosper further. Soon, in the near future premium cigars will overthrow many other tobacco products and completely reimburse the tobacco market with the quality and secrets from the past.

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