Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's help the good people!

One of the greatest nations on our planet goes through such a wild period in its history.
For many, it's a miracle on its own how 120 million nation manage to not just survive but prosper on a few empty islands for centuries.
It's the third largest and probably the most technologically advanced economy in the world developed with no oil, land or other exportable natural resources.

It looks like these days Japan is being tested by the nature itself... It's a really tough test...
What's remarkable is how this small country with such an old culture goes through one of its toughest times.
We've seen many disasters in the world. Looters and all sorts of crime is the usual response in most of the countries. In most, but definitely not in Japan!
Even now, despite all the problems caused by the disaster, Japan sets such a great example of how to deal with it, how to stay truly united, how to help each other.

Surprisingly, donations for Japan are not as big as they were for other countries. Analysts attribute it to the fact people believe Japan can deal with the disaster on its own.
We have no doubt about that, but above all Japan deserves a donation like no other nation!

We've decided to donate $1 from every order made on during the next 2 weeks.

Let's help the good people!

TobaccoGeneral Team.

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