Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Aromatics vs. Non-Aromatic Tobaccos - Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to tobacco, the flavors and aromas are endless. However, types of tobacco typically fall into two distinct categories: aromatic and non-aromatic. In order to decide which tobacco is best for you, it’s important to you first understand the difference between the two. While one person might consider a specific tobacco aromatic, another would not agree. Opinions often vary and differences are not always distinct. Looking for more specific information on these two types of tobacco? Not sure which one to choose? We’re breaking down those blurred lines, and sharing all the specifics you need to make an informed decision.

Aromatic Tobacco

One of the key characteristics of aromatic tobacco is flavor, and of course aroma. If you’re looking for a sweet taste, or a floral scent this is the perfect choice for you. During the manufacturing process, casings are added to the tobacco, or otherwise known as flavor. Most often flavors include vanilla, honey, liqueur and cherry. You might be saying to yourself,  “I don’t want the sweetness to be overpowering.” Not to worry, the amount of flavor varies. Depending on the amount of flavor added, the tobacco may be deemed slightly-aromatic or semi-aromatic, giving off a much less potent taste. At the end of the day regardless of what flavor or scent best suits you, it’s always important to choose a high quality brand.

Non-Aromatic Tobacco

This type of tobacco is made with the purpose of keeping the natural flavors and aroma a priority. Manufacturers focus on producing the tobacco with flavors such as wood, grass and other natural spices while still offering something for that sweet tooth. Depending on the plant, the amount of sugar varies, which automatically impacts the sweetness of the tobacco. The earthy tones, and clean taste provide a more subtle choice for those who aren’t interested in added flavor. Whether you’re looking for something strong or more mild, the wide range of tobacco options are endless.

Equipped with all the information you need, making this choice comes down to personal preference. When comparing aromatic and non-aromatic tobaccos, one is not better than the other. While some people prefer the sweet flavors of aromatic tobacco, others prefer natural aromas of non-aromatic tobacco. Choose one or try them both. When it comes down to it, the best way to know for sure is to test them out and then decide which brand embodies what you love about the taste.


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