Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Why Different Regions Change Tobacco Characteristics

Cigars are an incredibly varied product. They come from all over the world, and each region brings with it unique characteristics. A Nicaraguan cigar will smoke differently than an Ecuadorian cigar, which will offer traits different than many other cigars. Why is this, though? It’s certainly a good thing - after all, it means more variety and enjoyment for us. The science behind it is fascinating and provides some insight as to why your favorite cigar tastes the way it does.


Climate plays a massive role in tobacco growth and characteristics. Depending on geographical location, tobacco can develop in ways entirely unique to that region. Take Cuba for example. Widely considered the finest cigars in the world, Cuban cigars are noteworthy because of their inimitable qualities. This is due in large part to the climate where the tobacco is grown. Much like the grapes that are used for wine, variations in temperature, humidity, and nutrition fundamentally alter the flavor profile. Take note of the characteristics the next time you smoke a cigar from a new region - you might find something you’ve never before noticed in another cigar.

Different Wrappers

The leaf wrapped around your favorite cigar is more than an aesthetic. In fact, it’s far more than that - it’s an indication of the process and culture that goes into every cigar. Contrary to popular belief, the color of the wrapper doesn’t necessarily point to the strength of the cigar. Instead, the color of the leaf is a reflection of the growing process. Tobacco leaves also vary in aspects like durability, toughness, and aroma, amongst others. Leaves used as wrappers are typically more versatile when it comes to growing regions, too. While they require certain conditions, many wrapper leaves can be grown in various areas around the world. This means that there are countless combination options for wrappers and tobacco, so we can enjoy incredibly unique cigars and flavor profiles.

Different Growing Traditions

Finally, different regions are rooted in different growing traditions, which ultimately play a large role in the character of your favorite cigar. Tobacco cultivated in Connecticut won’t be grown quite the same as tobacco grown in Indonesia. Of course, this is all for the positive - it means we get to enjoy more variety. It also adds character to the history of the cigar you’re enjoying. There’s a story behind it; there are traditions that go into each and every cigar. They are labors of love, and the cultural aspects behind different cigars tell unique and fascinating stories.

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